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TBOS-OCT Character reference 1 by Fantasyfreak18 TBOS-OCT Character reference 1 by Fantasyfreak18
Name: Annabel Grayson (Call her that and she's likely to stab you.)

Nickname: Sparrow

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Physical Description: 5'6 95 pounds. Sparrow is unhealthily skinny and pale. She has black hair past her shoulders and pale blue eyes. Her clothes are dirty and torn, and her shoes have been worn to almost nothing. She might be pretty if she had a bath and a decent meal.

Powers: Sparrow is a psychic created by the government. Her strongest ability is telekinesis; her weaker abilities are mind control and mind reading. Unfortunately she can't use her powers in her own world, because they can be used to track her. For the same reason, she can't stay in the same place for more than a few days.

Gift: Mudd gives Sparrow's knife the Function of "fortitude" when he sees how physically weak she is. Since she can't stay in any place for long, and can't use her powers, she is forced to go hungry more often than not. The function gives her the strength to keep going.

Personality: Sparrow is cold and calculating. She's slow to make friends and slower to trust them. She's a loner by nature, but is smart enough to know she can't do everything by herself. She will allow someone to help if she needs to, but god help them if they try to hurt her.

History: Sparrow's parents died when she was five years old, and she was taken in by the orginization her father worked for. It was a department of the government dedicated to psychic research. At six years old, she was forced to undergo an operation that unlocks psychic powers.

The operation was a risk. All candidates are screened to provide the best results, but even then there was less than a 50% chance of survival. And only 2% of survivors gained complete control of their powers. Sparrow was lucky, becoming the youngest first level psychic in the program. Only two other people had taken to the surgery as well as her. The first was Dr. Allen, the inventor of the procedure. The second was ten year old prodigy Riley Valentine.

Sparrow's new life began, and she hated every moment of it. She hated the doctors, testing her power and making her work every day. She hated the guards, watching her every move. And she hated Valentine, more than anything she hated the charismatic boy who had everyone wrapped around his little finger. She couldn't stand how he accepted their prison. No, not accepted it, he loved it.

Ten years passed. Each day she became stronger, and her plan for escape became closer to fruition. Finally the night came. She took few possessions and some food she had stolen from the kitchen. She had a map that would lead her through the halls without passing a single guard, as long as she timed it right. She opened her bedroom door, and was pushed back by Valentine.

She tried to fight past him, but he was stronger than her. He took her map and tore it to pieces. He accused her of being ungrateful, and told her she was throwing away a life other people dreamed of. He left her, beaten and broken, satisfied with himself for stopping her escape.

Sparrow sat for a long time, not moving, not thinking. The clocks ticked closer to dawn. Finally, she stood, ignoring her pain. Her carefully thought out plan was forgotten, her only goal was getting as far away from this room, from her life, and from Valentine as possible. The guards were waiting, placed by her door by Valentine. She fought them off, sending them flying into walls, forcing them to duck for cover as she threw everything within reach. She fought her way out of her prison, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake.

Three years passed. She learned quickly to never use her powers. Every time she did police, scientists, even Valentine himself would arrive minutes afterward. She was forced to live on the streets, unable to stay in the same place too long without being tracked down. Unable to use her powers, or to get a job, she was forced to steal what she needed, and to look for scraps when that didn't work. Her escape became more a curse than a blessing, but at least she was free.
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Tirrih Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey :D

Just a quick question (I'm trying not to slaughter Sparrow's characterization too badly): Has she watched horror movies or anything? How genre savvy should I expect her to be in a horror themed round?
Fantasyfreak18 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011
She knows what horror movies are and has seen one or two, but not as many as an average person, and none recently. She wouldn't know something like "It's always the butler" but has plenty of common sense to make up for it.
Tirrih Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
That actualy suits my nefarious purposes perfectly. Thank you :D
chefhalfnote Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011  Student General Artist
Interesting! So, if I'm thinking right, telekinesis is the power to move things with the mind, right?
Fantasyfreak18 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011
Yes it is.
Duskbyday Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011
Wow I love Sparrow, ur audition story is one of my favorites so far! Though she has not lead a good life :( Hope you do well in the tournament XD
DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Ah- just checking. The man who invented the procedure had it done on himself? He was that confident in it?
Fantasyfreak18 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011
I think it was less confident than no one else would volunteer. Without some results, the program would have ended right there.
TheEmptypot Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow, I have a character named Sparrow too, only he's completely different than this girl you have here. She looks pretty badass! (Haha, sorry for being a creep. I found your gallery through TBOS-OCT. I thought it would be a good idea to see some other competitors before I start my audition. Good luck to you!)
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